smc 2200 for door parts pressing

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Changzhou Zhenle Composites Co., Ltd. maily engages in producing Zhenle brand BMC/SMC material. They exhibit outstanding physical, chemical and thermal characteristics, even following prolonged exposure to high temperatures and highly corrosive environments. Our Bmc and Smc material features high physical strength, good dimension's stability, high temperature tolerance in long term, good anti-erosion, flame retardant, different function integration, excellent cost performance and high designing freedom.

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1.Bulking Molding Compound(BMC Material)

BMC Material is the abbreviation of bulk molding compound and it is often called unsaturated polyester dough molding compound in China. It is dough soaked materials made up of mixed short glass fibers unsaturated resin, fillings and various additives. BMC material was first applied in Federal Germany and UK in 1960s , and then was greatly developed in U.S.A in 1970s and in Japan in 1980s respectively. Because it is endowed with favorable electrical property, mechanical performance, good high-temperature proof and chemical anti-erosion as well as being anti-erosion, it is adoptable for various processes, that is to say, it can meet performance requirements for different products, and it is widely used in all areas such as Electrical Parts, Automobile Parts, Household Goods, UV- resistant Outdoor Products, Packaging Field, Lighting Materials.

bulk molding compound(bmc material)

2.Sheet Moulding Compound(SMC Material)

SMC Material is the abbreviation for Sheet Molding Compound, fiberglass  reinforced unsaturated polyester SMC. The main raw material from the SMC-specific yarn, unsaturated resin, low shrinkage additives, fillers and various additives composition. It is the early sixties of the twentieth century, first appeared in Europe in 1965 , the United States and Japan have developed this technology.  In the late 80s, China  has introduced the SMC foreign advanced production lines and production processes. SMC has excellent electrical performance, corrosion resistance, light weight and engineering design, easy, flexible, etc., its mechanical properties can be comparable with some of metal materials, thus SMC is widely used in transport vehicles, construction, electronics / electrical and other industries.

Sheet Molding Compound(smc material)

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