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Changzhou Zhenle Composites Co., Ltd. maily engages in producing Zhenle brand BMC/SMC material. They exhibit outstanding physical, chemical and thermal characteristics, even following prolonged exposure to high temperatures and highly corrosive environments. Our Bmc and Smc material features high physical strength, good dimension's stability, high temperature tolerance in long term, good anti-erosion, flame retardant, different function integration, excellent cost performance and high designing freedom.

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Advantages of Bulk Moulding Compound

BMC, bulk moulding compound, is widely used in the automobile lamp as we know it. However, a new type of application about BMC is becoming the focus to replace PMMA and quartzite as the materials of table-board of cabinet in the industry.

In particular, molding compound compared with regular thermosetting plastichave higher dimensional reliability, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, strength. And bulk moulding compound not only involves the above features but also has compact appearance and light weight relatively. It's a mixture of CGF(chopped glass fibre), UPR(unsaturated polyester resins), stuffing and various additives. Due to the superior properties of bulk molding compound, it is applied into various processes and satisfying the requirement of performance.

Here is the article to make an introduction of what benefits the application of BMC in the table-board of cabinet brings.

Impact Resistance

There is an experiment about the comparison of impact resistance among artificial stone, quartz stone and bulk moulding compound. In this experiment, when the artificial stone, quartz stone and bulk moulding compound is separately struck by the same impact and drops from the same height, consequently, the artificial stone and quartz stone have signs of crack, but the molding compound still remains intact. According to researches, the hardness of BMC table-board of cabinet is 3-5 times the quartz stone and 10 times higher than artificial stone. Its hardness is far higher than regular kitchen tools. Even the scraper knife and wallpaper cutter cannot abrade and scratch it. That's what makes it incomparable with other materials.

Heat Resistance

BMC table-board of cabinet has an outstanding heat resistance, which enables it to stay in a high temperature. Certainly, it can bear the temperature of boiled water. Even if you put a red-hot pan on the table, there won't be any damage or moulage. Additionally, it also can stay in a low temperature. Therefore, the temperature in our daily life is unable to spoil the table.

Compact Appearance and Convenience

The surface of BMC table is dense, nonabsorbent, and easy to clean without any micropore. The acid, oil, tea water, alcohol, coffee, soft drink is unable to leave any traces. At the same time, in the respect of weight, BMC table-board has made a big breakthrough. Due to the light weight materials of BMC, the finished production is lighter than the artificial stone and quartz stone that were much heavier as we know it. Meanwhile, it's more convenient for the later transportation.

Sanitary Table

Because of the seamless process of BMC table, it's dense, nonabsorbent and easy to clean without any micropore to make it an environment where bacteria cannot grow. The food can directly touch the table with a good bacteriostatic effect.

Environmental Materials

Bulking molding compound doesn't contain any containments of heavy metal. All of the processes don't need to have a medical treatment without radiation, poison and harm. So it's really an environmental and recyclable material. Moreover, it has a good life cycle similar to aluminum and steel which benefits to recycle and use it. That's also fitted with the idea of sustainable development.